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Tokugawa Ieyasu

The story of Japan's most successful general, with much new material about his hour of destiny at Sekigahara, with exciting pictures and highly detailed maps.

The Samurai Manual (Unofficial)

The ultimate training manual for becoming a samurai, from swordfighting to how to control your peasants.

The Revenge of the 47 Ronin: Edo 1703

For the first time the true story behind the classic vendetta that turned the world of the samurai on its head.

Katana: Sword of the Samurai

The weapon that became a legend, with details of how a sword was made and how it was used; the great swordsmen and the great sword fights.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

The story of the Napoleon of Japan, his generalship, his victories and his character, with exciting pictures and highly detailed maps.

Samurai Women

The greatest untold story in samurai history: the women who fought on battlefields and from castles, including the little known warrior nuns.


The loyalest and bravest samurai were the guards; they were also magnificently dressed, as shown in this colourful book.

The Mongol Invasions of Japan

This is the campaign of which the samurai were most proud; told here with new illustrations and detailed analysis.

The Samurai Capture a King: Okinawa 1609

The story of the brilliant raid on Ryukyu (Okinawa) by the samurai of Satsuma that captured its king as a hostage for the Shogun.

Chinese Walled Cities

The spectacular defences of Nanjing, Beijing and other Chinese cities, with details of sieges and superb photogarphs.

Strongholds of the Samurai

A bind-up of my four castles titles but with MANY NEW pictures - you desrve nothing less!

Samurai Armies 1467-1649

By popualr demand, a Battle Orders book with all the fine detail about samurai armies you have always wanted.

The Samurai Invasion of Korea

A new study of the terrible invasion, using Chinese sources and many new pictures.

Pirate of the Far East

The amazing lives of the wako, the pirates who were more than just Japanese adventurers. These internatiopnal brigands were the Vikings of the East!

Japanese Castles in Korea

The full story of the attempt at colonial fortresses by the Japanese in 1592-98, with details of all the great sieges.

Japanese Castles 250-1540

The originals Japanese castles made of wood and their engagements.

Real Ninja

A book for children about Japan's secret assassins, quite bloody!

Real Samurai

At last, a book for kids about the samurai. Get 'em started!

The Samurai Swordsman

A lavish large volume, full of colour pictures, that tells the story of the swordsmen of old Japan.

The Samurai and the Sacred

The spiritual world of the samurai, from Zen to the kamikaze, showing the influence of Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity on the samurai.

The Great Wall of China

The story of the the most famous, yet least well known, fortified structure in the world, with reconstructions and original photographs.

Osaka 1615

The last samurai battle; featuring the greatest siege in Japanese history and an epic pitched battle, based on all new research and with exciting reconstructions.

The Art of Renaissance Warfare

The story of the evolution of warfare from the medieval to the modern period, covering pikemen, artillery and bastions, and bringing in details from Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire.

Warriors of Medieval Japan

My three Warriors books revised with a NEW section on samurai and lots of new information and pictures.

Japanese Fortified Temples and Monasteries AD710-1602

The fortifications of the warrior monks and the Ikko-ikki, all based on entirely new research and visits. It includes superb reconstructions of temples and castles.

Samurai Commanders I

Biographies of the great samurai commanders up to the year 1576, including a few surprises!

Samurai Commanders II

Volume 2 deals with the Nobunaga/Ieyasu years, when armour was really spectacular, as so well illustrated by Richard Hook in paintings based on actual suits.

Samurai: The Story of Japan's Noble Warriors

A lavishly illustrated general history of the samurai, with much material on the martial arts and arms and armour. Tranparent sections explain how armour was worn.

The Walls of Constantinople

This is the first study in 100 years of the defences of Constantinople (Istanbul). The whole length of the walls is shown with photos, reconstructions and history

The Hussite Wars 1419-36

The extraordinary story of the peasant army from Bohemia. Led by a blind man, they fought using field artillery and medieval 'tanks'!

Mongol Warrior 1200-1300

This volume describes in detail the daily life, tactics, equipment and battle experience of the Mongol horsemen of Genghis Khan and his successors.

Crusader Castles of the Teutonic Knights (2) Latvia and Estonia

The stone castles of the Northern Baltic lands, fully illustrated

Samurai: World of the Warrior

A study in hardback of the world of the samurai, with all new material on pirates, suicide, crown jewels etc.

Kawanakajima 1553-64

Five battles - one battlefield! A classic samurai campaign fought between Japan's two heavyweight generals.

Crusader Castles of the Teutonic Knights (1): Prussia 1230-1466

The amazing redbrick castles of present day Poland built by the Teutonic Knights.

Genghis Khan and the Mongol Conquests 1190-1400

A survey study in Osprey's Essential History series. It includes material on the conquest of Southeast Asia and Korea, as well as more familiar areas.

The Ottoman Empire 1326-1699

Another Essential Histories volume, with a well illustrated account of the phenomenon of the Turkish Ottomans and their military successes.

Japanese Warrior Monks 949-1603

In the Warriors series - and what warriors they were! All you need to know about the life, equipment and combat of the sohei and the Ikko-ikki.

Tannenberg 1410

The largest battle of the Middle Ages where the Teutonic Knights were defeated by Poland and Lithuania. Maps, plans and reconstructions as well as location shots.

Ninja 1460-1650

The facts about the legendary assassins and undercover agents of Japan, based entirely on reliable Japanese sources.

Japanese Castles 1540-1640

This handy volume has become the standard work on the subject. Lots of photographs and fine reconstructions.

Fighting Ships of the Far East 1 (China and Southeast Asia)

From fighting junks to dugout Vietnamese canoes, the medieval fleets of East Asia.

Fighting Ships of the Far East 2 (Japan and Korea)

This volume adds Japanese samurai battleships, pirate ships and the famous Korean turtle ships.

Siege Weapons of the Far East 1

All new material and pictures about crossbows, catapults, incendiary devices and gas bombs!

Siege Weapons of the Far East 2

This volume adds gunpowder weapons and assault vehicles. All new material!

Samurai Invasion: Japan's Korean War 1592-98

This is the first book length study of the samurai invasion of Korea. This is the most original work I have ever done.

The Knight Triumphant

The completely revised and redesigned Book of the Medieval Knight, with new information and pictures


The first book length study of the samurai footsoldiers, telling you all you need to know about how they fought and what they wore. It contains superb colour plates and numerous illustrations.

The Samurai Sourcebook

This encyclopaedic work is now in paperback, and cheap! Lots of information about battles, armour, castles, everything!

Samurai Warfare

This, one of my best books, contains the superb Anegawa screen and detailed case studies.

Nagashino 1575

A completely new study of the famous battle in the Osprey 'Campaigns' series.

The Samurai: A Military History

This is the fully revised paperback edition of my first book. This is a very good 'first read' for the general reader.

Samurai Heraldry

The definitive work on the subject with pages and pages of flag designs and mon.

The Samurai Tradition (Key Papers on Japan)

This two volume set brings together the most important academic papers on samurai published over the last century. Volume 1, the Age of War, covers the time up to the Edo Period, while Volume 2 adds the military aspects of the Age of Peace

Japan's Hidden Christians

A compendium of articles on the Hidden Christians from the time that Christianity flourished in Japan to its manifestation as the Kakure of today.

The Mongols

My useful monograph in the Osprey Men at Arms Series.

The Kakure Kirishitan of Japan

This is my prize-winning book on the mysterious 'Hidden Christians'. Go to my 'religion' section here for an introduction.

War in Japan

The ideal introduction to the subject of the samurai in the Sengoku Period in Osprey's acclained Essential Histories series

Samurai Armies

My old Osprey book, originally published in 1979.


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