Picture Library / Price List


Japan Archive is my picture library of over 25,000 images of Japan for use in books, magazines and videos, on television and in newspapers. Many of these fine photographs have already been published all round the world, and the collection is continually being augmented and updated.

The bulk of the collection now exists as high resolution DIGITAL pictures, normally suplied as TIFs.

Areas that are particularly well represented include Japanese history, architecture, religion, gardens, martial arts and the natural world of Japan, but I also have pictures of pachinko parlours, traffic cops, rice fields, Buddhist statues and tea bowls!

I also have a growing collection of pictures of Korea, China and Medieval and Renaissance Europe. I have quite a lot about Eastern Europe too.

The collection is too large to list, so just e-mail me at stephenturnbull@ntlworld.com with your requirements, and I'll be in touch very quickly.



There is no search fee in the case of digital images. I will send you thumbnails on approval by e-mail.

1. Books, magazines, leaflets, promotional covers and other printed use - World Rights

Up to and including half a page in area - 95

Up to and including one full page in area -125

Up to and including a double page spread - 160

Use on cover, front or rear - twice each area measurement above

2. Video, CD ROM and television

Per image used - 95

3. Discounts

Bulk use in same publication - 51 or more less 10%

UK Rights only - less 30%

English language rights only - less 15%

Discounts for educational use ONLY may also be granted.